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Coming this Spring:  WILD BLUEBERRY WINE!

The Laings’ plan to expand upon their value added lines in the next five years adding other wild natural products and a small winery to their property located in Wawa Ontario.  Our farm will continue to increase it’s production as the fields become more mature and the wild blueberry plants propagate and spread to every corner of the farm.  We  planted experimental crops last year working with government on other fruit trials. Haskap berry, hops and multi-varieties of apples have been planted and their progress is being monitored.  

Talus Laing, Trevor and Tracy Laings’ 12 year old daughter planted an acre of strawberries to compliment the wild blueberry production and sell at their roadside stand as a summer job.  We successfully ran several strawberry UPick/WePick days throughout July! Trevor has planted many more strawberries that will be ready to pick in the summer of 2017. 

In early June, Bees, Bears and Honey, a Thunder Bay company brought in 40 plus honey bee hives to pollinate the producing fields that will be in flower.  Last year we had only 10 hives.  Plans are to reach approximately 200 hives within five years and co-market the products that result from this supporting enterprise. 

A large commercial kitchen has been constructed to allow our farm to produce home-style value added products at the processing facility in Wawa.  In 2013 a large freezer was installed. This is used as feedstock for our processing value-added products and winery for the entire year.  This will mitigate some of the risk of having a poor harvest in any particular year. 

A winery will be the final production ambitions of our family farms operations.  We plan to produce wild blueberry and other fruit and honey wines to meet the market demands.  

Eco-farm tours  and an educational center that would attract tourists worldwide and ultimately the creation of a local wild blueberry music festival that would benefit the community directly is something the Laings’ envision sometime in the future.