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Harvest season usually starts sometime between July and August, depending on the weather. Hand harvesting using specialized metal hand rakes and mechanical harvesting are both used.

Algoma Highlands has set up a fresh pack processing plant in an on-site vacant industrial building in close proximity to the fields. They currently have 2 full fresh processing lines that are successfully operated by 4-6 people at a time.

Several packaging methods have been used and are available upon request by our large quantity buyers or distributors. They included 5lb and 2.5lb shallow waxed boxes and clear plastic pints.

Algoma Highlands plans to eventually introduce an IQF (Individually Quick Freeze) processor which will provide the capacity to process high yields from the Level Plains’ farm as well as other farms in the region. A typical IQF processing system involves three components: the conveyor system, freezing chamber, and packaging.